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Clint Koble, Executive Director, Nevada Farm Service Agency (USDA) 2009 – 2016


Statement by Clint Koble.

"It with pride and an honor to endorse Keith Lockard for Washoe County Commissioner.  Keith is a man of principle, ethics, and service.  He knows the challenges Washoe County faces and he will confront those challenges head on.  We are lucky to have Keith and his lovely wife Jan live in our community.  Both of them could be living the good life, yet they continue with service to our area.


Keith has years of experience working for several municipal governments, including the City of Reno.  He touts one of his finest accomplishments in bringing the Library to South Reno.  Kudos for his efforts in fighting for our quality of life.


What I like about Keith is his approach to things.  He’s very methodical and he weighs all the facts.  When I was running for Congress in Nevada, I would often question Keith for advice on certain issues or challenges.  He would usually tell me “Let me think it over and I will get back to you”.  I always wanted an immediate answer but I can assure you, his reply was worth the wait!


Perhaps one of Keith’s best attributes and qualities as a Commissioner Candidate is his strategic thinking.  He knew how to put things into perspective, come up with great strategies, and then accomplish his goals.  Keith is a straighter shooter; he will tell you respectfully how he feels about something.  You will never find Keith talking down to you.


It would be difficult to find someone better than Keith in the political arena.  He takes responsibilities for his actions and he doesn’t feel the need to ride the coattails of anyone else.  He’s a self-made man and I’m very proud of him.  Keith could be traveling, hunting, or playing golf but he chooses instead to represent his community for the better.


In Keith Lockard you will find a man who will listen to you and who genuinely cares about you and your community.  At a time when politics “smells horribly bad”, Keith will bring dignity, decency, and brains to the future of our County.  Your vote for Keith Lockard for Washoe County Commission #2, will be the best investment you can make."

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