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Nancy Cummings-Schmidt, Retired Washoe County Library Director 1995 - 2008


Statement by Nancy Cummings.

"It is my pleasure to endorse Keith Lockard for County Commission, District 2. I have known Keith for 27 years. He was Chairperson of the Washoe County Library System when I was hired as the Director, a position I held from 1995-2008. He was an instrumental player in the passage of the 1994 WC1 30-year, two-cent property-tax override which has been used for the purpose of constructing new libraries and improving existing ones for the County. Keith’s tenure on the Board occurred during a time of significant growth for the Library System which included the construction of the South Valleys Library. Keith is a staunch library advocate and was awarded the 1995 Trustee of the Year by the Nevada Library Association. As a Library Board member, he placed significant value upon teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration. I am assured that if elected, he will bring those same skills to the office of County Commissioner. He will also bring integrity, responsiveness, and civility to the position."

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